10 Dark and Moody Scandinavian Bedrooms to Lull You into Dreamland

Small bedroom in chic dark tones

I spent part of November in northern Denmark once and loved it even though that “isn’t normal,” I was told.

But there’s something so calming about those windy, drizzly grey days. The mornings seem to float out endlessly in a state of dreamily suspended animation.

It’s like being wrapped in a fuzzy blanket of autumn where nothing can harm you.

rainy window
This was the view from where I worked, a window on the Danish November rain. The pine cones are from a tree on the other side of the building. I still carry all three in my suitcase.

Dark bedrooms evoke the same mood — tranquility, seclusion, and security.

Small bedroom in chic dark tones

We’ve all heard the tenet that light colors expand a space, but that doesn’t mean dark colors are taboo in small spaces.

Combined with cozy square meterage, dark tones create an air of intimacy that’s just the kind of feeling you want for a bedroom.

One thing to notice here and in the rest of the rooms is how dark accent walls are almost always dressed up with black and white wall art to lighten them up and balance them with the rest of the room.

Dark bedroom with vintage furniture

More proof dark tones can work beautifully in a small bedroom. The vintage cabinet and radio bring a little personality to the room.

Swedish bedroom

On the other hand, if you do happen to have a giant bedroom in a dizzyingly expensive Gothenburg apartment (Jealous? Who, me?), here’s one way to go about decorating it in a darker tones.

Note that the walls here aren’t quite pure black, but more of a dark charcoal that keeps things from looking too stark.

The ornate gilded frame of the mirror beautifully reflects (no pun intended…) the crown molding.

Light grey bedroom

On the lighter end of the spectrum, this room accomplishes a soothing, misty aura with just one light grey accent wall and carpet, and dark-toned bedding. I love the splashes of natural color from the chair and potted plant. Those two things alone give the room a distinctively modern Scandinavian character.

Soft grey Scandinavian bedroom

With its soft grey walls, fluffy pendant lamp, and snuggly linen bedding, this bedroom has a lazy rainy-day calm about it. You can just imagine spending all Sunday morning with a good book here.

Black modern bedroom

If you really like things dark and dramatic, this bedroom’s for you. Note the giant white-framed mirror leaning on the wall, though. It acts almost like a second window, breaking up the monochrome surroundings and reflecting light so the black walls don’t get too overwhelming.

dark modern bedroom

Clean lines and a black and grey palette give this bedroom a stylishly sophisticated air. The artwork chosen fits the ambiance of urban chic

Dark blue Scandinavian bedroom

Of course, black and grey aren’t the only options out there for a dark Scandinavian bedroom. If you prefer a little color, deep blue is a timelessly classic choice. It looks beautiful paired with the potted plants for a little extra softness.

Rustic-modern grey bedroom

The sexily rumpled linen and darker herringbone floor (a pattern that’s not so common in Scandinavian interiors) give this dark bedroom something of a rustic look.

So do you have a favorite? For me it’s rainy day room with the fluffy pendant light, but the room above it with the round chair is a close second.

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