10 Stylish and Easy Scandinavian Easter Decor Ideas

White tulips on a table

As much as I love winter, I admit it can start to look a little ragged and worn by March. Easter is a great opportunity — or excuse, anyway — to start brightening things up around the house.

Of course, if you’re still recovering from Christmas and New Year’s, the idea of going all out on Easter decorating might not be so appealing.

Minimalism to the rescue! By keeping things simple and low-key, there are lots of ways to fill your home with a Scandinavian Easter mood with next to no effort. Here are 10 of them.

Modern Monochrome Eggs

Black and white eggs
Some creative work with a black marker is a quick and easy way to make stylish modern Easter eggs.

Colorful dyed eggs are all well and good, but if you’re looking for something a little more chic and modern, grab a paintbrush and some acrylic paint (or just a marker), and get to work. It turns out the geometric and botanical patterns popular for Scandinavian style pillows, throws, and ceramics look great on eggs, too.

Of course, this works best on white eggs, but you can also dye or paint brown eggs black and paint your designs in white. A little browsing around online should turn up some inspiring ideas for both the black-on-white and the white-on-black approach.

Påskris: the Swedish Easter Tree

A Swedish Easter påskris
A somewhat over-exuberant Påskris.

One of the most iconic images of Easter in Scandinavia, the colorful, whimsical åskris is easy to make and a fun opportunity to get creative.

The påskris is made from birch branches, feathers, and hollowed eggs. How crazy you want to get with it is up to your tastes. The traditional approach is to put together a kaleidoscope of blue, yellow, pink, orange and purple fluffy chicken plummage. If you have a minimalist monochrome interior and want your Påskris to keep with the theme, though, a more subdued color palette will work just as well.

At home decor shops across the Nordics, around Easter, you can buy bundles of birch branches and packets of feathers especially for making Easter trees, but craft supply shops are a good alternative place to find your supplies.

Use floral wire or glue to attach the feathers to the ends of the branches and use string or ribbon to attach the eggs. Then arrange your decorated branches in a jar, tin or other holder. And one tip: it’s easier to decorate your branches before you put them in your preferred holder.

Elements of Nature

White tulips on a table
Elegant white tulips bring a touch of spring to a monochrome Scandinavian interior.

Bringing nature indoors is prominent theme in Scandinavian design, but even moreso when the weather starts to warm up. Adding nature’s signs of spring to your home is an easy way to brighten things up and chase out the dark and dreary mood of late winter.

Set out vases of pussy willows and pots of tulips, daffodils, garden hyacinths, grape hyacinth, and wheat grass. When the weather’s warm enough, you can plant the bulb’s in the garden.

New Linens

Yellow and blue throw pillows
Bright yellow and sky blue bring a touch of spring to a classic Scandinavian style living room.

Cozy wool blankets are great for winter, but when the warm weather comes, something lighter is in order. Nothing says warm weather like fresh linen. Easter decor in linen feels like a preview of summer.

There are so many inexpensive items, you don’t have to spend a lot on some eco-friendly seasonal decor. A tablerunner, placemats, napkins, a pillow cover, drink coasters, kitchen dish towels, decorative bunting…have I forgotten anything?

Easter Wreath

Easter wreath on a door
Spring flowers and colored eggs make a simple, cheerful Easter wreath.

Why let Christmas have all the fun? Dress up a wreath base (for example, one of the grapevine wreathes sold in craft shops) with colored eggs, silk spring flowers, pastel ribbons, and wood or felt birds, bunnies, and lambs.

Scandinavian Posters

Bontanical print on a white wall
A little botanical art instantly creates a springtime ambiance.

Printable art is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to change up your seasonal decor.

Hang a print on a usually unadorned wall, add one seasonal piece to your gallery wall or find some free space on a corner table to create an Easter vignette that includes one or two small framed prints. I find A6 or 5×7 sizes are perfect for that. If you’d rather avoid anything too obviously holiday-related, botanical prints are a good choice for creating a spring ambiance.

Eggshell Planters

wheat grass in eggshells
Eggshells make handy miniature pots for Easter grass.

Growing wheat grass, rye grass or other sprouts for Easter is a widespread tradition that’s popular in northern Europe, too. While you could grow your grass in a tray or pot, eggshells are a much more adorable solution. They make it easy to fit a little Easter brightness almost anywhere.

All you need is a packet of wheat grass seeds, potting soil and some eggs. If you can’t find wheat grass seeds, check the health food shops. Wheat grass is popular for juicing, so it’s usually not hard to find.

Easter Jar

Beige eggs in a jar
Easter display with a neutral color theme.

Have a decorative glass container or even a spare Mason jar lying around? Fill it with colored eggs, add some feathers, and you have an instant Easter mood.

So what are your decorating plans for this Easter? Want to keep things simple or maybe take the opportunity to splash around some color?

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