The Story of Snow

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Welcome! Come in and find a cozy spot by the fire.

If you love secluded forest trails, snugly wool blankets, and minimalist birch furniture, you’ll feel right at home here.

pinetree-me2I’m Mari, a design and green living writer. I write the blog here, and design for and curate the shop.

The style you’ll find here is minimalist, practical, lived-in and inviting. There’s something for urban apartments or rural cabins alike.

I aim to blend three loves:

  • Nordic Design: interior design and homeware from the Nordics and Baltics by independent artisans and craftspeople
  • Sustainability: natural, environmentally sustainable materials with a local history. Wool, linen, hemp, nettle, birch, pine, stone, and iron, and glass are a few of those.
  • Tradition: Local traditional crafts, such as woodworking, weaving, felting, and dyeing with natural materials.

I’m a little flexible with the definitions sometimes because, with enough digging, you get into questions such whether knitting is really “traditional” or woad is really “local” to northern Europe. I do my best to follow the guiding principles above while still staying in touch with modern realities.

Fir Needles and Wool


I grew up in a little northern mountain village where I learned to sew, knit, and crochet from my grandmother. When I wasn’t inside making a mess with yarn, I was somewhere out in the deep forest that surrounded us.

Deer trails winding through the dense fir forests, sledding over shoulder-high snow, summer trips to the windy seacoast, stony mountain peaks towering in the background — childhood memories like these provide the inspiration for the aesthetic and destinations on Snow on the Oaks.

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