Have Too Many Beautiful Throws in the Closet? Here’s How You Can Show Them Off in Style

The cold snap that’s hit Europe this week has brought the temperature down to around -20C the last few nights, so it’s good to have a few cuddly throws and blankets around. They create that kind of inviting luxury you want to come home to and cuddle up in on snowy winter evenings.

So many of the throw designs made by today’s textile designers are too good to hide away in a cupboard when you can’t use them all. They really are textile art in their own right. They add another layer of color and texture, giving you more options for styling a room. And a throw with a folk pattern can give a room a touch of tradition without veering into kitsch.

If you have a collection of blankets and throws you don’t want to leave languishing in a closet when they’re not in use, there are lots of other ways store them that show them off.

sofa with blanket

On the Chairs and Sofa

A throw casually draped over the corner of the sofa, under a couple of pillows, is a classic approach to styling you seating area. In fact, a sofa without a throw looks a little empty and unfinished.

If you want a more formal, structured look, you can place neatly folded throw placed over the arm of a chair or sofa. But keep in mind, if anyone’s actually using that throw, you probably aren’t going to want to spend time perfectly folding and positioning it three times a day. Another reason the “casual drape” is so popular.

And don’t forget the kitchen and dining seating. A throw can give the room a cozier, less sterile feeling. Bundle a knitted throw on a kitchen bench. Lay faux sheepskin on hard kitchen chairs and turn them into elegantly cushy spots to enjoy a meal.

Over the Bed

Fold a throw neatly at the end of the bed or casually drape it over the duvet, depending on your style. For the best effect, choose a color and texture that contrasts with your bedding. Bulky, knit throws are perfect for cotton and linen bedding. For a textured duvet or quilt, add a throw

Folded On Open Shelving

If you have more throws than furniture to display them on, instead of locking your extras away in a closet, store them out where they can be enjoyed. Clear a section of the lower shelves and stack two or three throws there. The element of texture brings softness to a bookshelf or entertainment center.

Hung up on Hooks

A row of three or four hooks over a bench or table can hold your throws in a way that creates a kind of sculptural, textural wall art. If you don’t like how they look plain (or you actually need the hooks), just pile your wraps and cardigans on top.

In Boxes or Baskets

What could look more snug and relaxed than a basket of throws inviting you to come over and pick one up? For an artful arrangement, choose a set of throws in a harmonious color palette and a variety of textures. Roll up each throw individually or just pile them all in. Round felt storage bins or felt storage bags have a cozy, casual look that well suited to holding throws. Seagrass and wicker baskets fit with both a modern minimalist Scandinavian aesthetic and a coastal decor style.

The best part about storing your throws this way is that you can easily grab the one you want when you or a guest needs a little extra warmth.

Stacked on a Stool or Bench

If you have a seating area that doesn’t get much use, fold three to five throws of approximately the same thickness and stack them up there. This relaxed approach is well suited to country cabins. Just as with the baskets and boxes, pay attention to the color palette and textures.

Draped on a Blanket Ladder

Folding your throws over the rungs of a ladder keeps them neat while showing off easy throw individually. While you could lean an old ladder against the wall, purpose-built blanket ladders are available from some home furnishing shops. They also make a fun beginner’s DIY woodworking project. Here’s a DIY birch blanket ladder tutorial to start with.

Need more throws? Here are a few beautiful, cozy excuses to buy some:

Arctica-Antarctica blanketat Nordic Design Collective: white with blue polar bears, penguins and snowflakes a portion of the sales go to the WWF’s Arctic Programme and the work on climate change.

Misteli blanket at Lapuan Kankurit: White mistletoe on a red or grey background

Mill lines blanket at By Mölle: light and dark grey with a geometric pattern of delicate lines

Bergrós blanket at Icewear: Grey and red with traditional geometric motifs

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