Gorgeous Little Luxury Apartment in Central Gothenburg

luxury Swedish living room

This luxury apartment in the center of Gothenburg, Sweden is one of the most beautifully styled homes I’ve seen in a while, so I wanted you guys to have a peek inside. The interior does the modern Scandinavian look to perfection. It’s refreshing just to see. It’s a one-bedroom, so it’s a comfortable size for a single or couple.

luxury Swedish living room

A palette of soft greys gives the living room a sense of snug seclusion, but because the open floorplan connects it with the kitchen, it still feels airy and inviting. The pale rug defines the space and add just the right amount of texture to enhance the room’s coziness.

White Nordic kitchen

The spacious kitchen is flooded with light from the balcony window and door. All that natural light is reflected by the pure white cabinetry to make for more comfortable cooking and eating. Having the balcony door right off the kitchen also makes it easier to stroll out for a little fresh air with your morning coffee.

Gothenburg balcony overlooking a courtyard.

The balcony looks out onto a calm, beautifully maintained courtyard. With the seating along the walls, there’s more open floor space. The choice of wicker box seats with sliding drawers creates storage space that blends with the aesthetics. It’s a much more ergonomic option than the typical French cafe folding chairs. And for that relaxed, summery feel, there the linen pillows and throw.

Scandinavian minimalist bathroom

I love that the washing machine in the bathroom is topped with a proper wood countertop in the same tone as the medicine cabinet. It pulls the whole room together and gives everything a more polished, upscale look. The checkerboard floor adds a bit of fun.

Luxury Nordic bedroom

Can you imagine waking up in a bright, blissful bedroom like this? The bedroom in this apartment a little smaller than the other rooms, but again there’s plenty of white to help open up the space. The long-legged night stands help create space, too. Minimalist painting above the bed gives the room a whimsical personality while still.

It’s not so obvious from these photos, but throughout the apartment are round, clear glass vases and black-and-white speckled accents such as small containers that help create flow from room to room.

Images via AlvhemMakleri.se

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