Perfectly Planned Little Apartment in Linné, Gothenburg

Apartment in Gothenburg

As nice as expansive, multi-room homes can be, I have a soft spot for compact little apartments with everything in its place. Maybe because they’re easier to clean…

This 42 sq. m. apartment from 1910, in the Linnéstaden neighborhood of Gothenburg, is a perfect example. It’s even described in the real estate listing as “perfectly planned” with “plenty of room for socializing.”

It’s also a prime example of how choosing a simple color palette and repeating certain elements from room to room can tie a whole space together for a cohesive flow that’s the mark of a skilled interior decorator.

Apartment in Gothenburg
In this small, open-plan apartment, you can easily talk to anyone from wherever you are. It looks like a great place for a small house party. You can just imagine making drinks in the kitchen while chatting with your friends in the living room.

A tawny brown is used as an accent color, possibly inspired by the wood counter tops, and is carried throughout the apartment. It brings a bright, warmth to the white interior that’s still in harmony with its calm, down-to-earth vibe.

It’s a color that shows up a lot in Scandinavian interiors, but usually in leather, so it’s nice to see this shade of wood.

The big windows let in plenty of light and the white-painted floors help make the most of it. They also give the space a bit more of a relaxed, folksy feel.

Scandinavian dining room and kitchen
The dining area chairs bring out the warmth of the wood counter tops in the kitchen

Even the artwork in the dining area fits this space perfectly with a balance of sand, silver and black. The tan wood bowl on top of the refrigerator nicely offsets all that grey metal.

Brown accents in a white and grey entrance.
A chair and pillow carry the accent color into the entryway.

The same style of chair from the dining area is used to give the entryway a little color.

It’s also interesting how the light fixture here shares the same general look of the ones in the main living area, but with some little differences. Like siblings – similar, but each with a unique personality.

Their clean, black lines also fit well with the metal desk here and the narrow black picture frames used in the other rooms.

Silver and tan bedroom

Pale silver and sand bedding add a lightness to bulkiest piece of furniture in a fairly modestly sized bedroom, helping the space feel more open and airy.

The textured, chiffon-like fabric of the duvet cover is very similar to the one used for the coppery pillow on the sofa. It’s a subtle touch, but it does help the continuity.

Well organized Scandinavian bathroom
A roomy bath with plenty of storage space.

The bathroom is the only room where the floor (understandably) isn’t white-painted wood, so instead of the grey area rugs used in the other rooms, the decorator chose a white one that contrasts with the pewter grey floor.

And notice how the seagrass basket used in the entryway shows up again in the bathroom? Another touch that helps the whole thing flow.

The baskets are a traditional Vietnamese design, as far as I know, but they’ve become a popular Scandinavian home decor feature recently, so they’re easy to find. Ikea’s FLÅDIS is one option and Nordal from Denmark has some, too.

A street in Gothenburg, Sweden.
The view from the window.

And this is the view. Not bad. You can see more (of the apartment. Well, and the view) at Alvhem Makleri.

So what do you think of the tawny accent color? Like it or would you pick something else?

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