Airy Scandinavian Design in a Small Apartment in Stockholm

With the right design, a small apartment can feel just as expansive and luxurious as a big one. Good thing, too, given the size of most urban apartments.

Here’s a little apartment in Kungsholmen, Stockholm that manages to accomplish that in just one and a half rooms with a total of 31 sq. m. of living space. It makes use of a lot of the usual features of both modern minimalist Nordic interior design and tricks for bringing a sense of spaciousness to small rooms.

Living room and dining area
Photo via MOHV Mäklare

For being built in 1932, this apartment hardly shows its age. Limited furniture in the living room leaves you room to breathe. The space could accommodate an extra chair or two in a lithe wire or wood design, but too many pieces would only create visual clutter and a heavy recliner would weigh everything down.

Pure white furniture keeps things feeling bright and open. The metal and glass accents also reflect light, while adding a touch of modern glam.

Generally speaking, rugs make a space feel smaller, but here the fluffy, off-white shag rug plays into the design’s overall air of luxury.

View into the kitchen
Photo via MOHV Mäklare

While the room might feel a little lighter with a whitewashed floor, the black floor adds drama, a sense of depth, and an aura of sophistication. It also provides contrast for the white furniture. Pairing a whitewashed floor with that much white furniture could end up looking a little glaring.

Black floors are on trend right now, but thanks to the timeless elegance of black, it won’t look dated anytime soon. Just keep in mind they tend to show every speck of dust and every little scratch.

Between the kitchen and living room
Photo via MOHV Mäklare

I can tell you from experience, this design is perfect if you have a cat. You can keep running circles through the kitchen and living room pulling that toy behind out and never have to stop.

But aside from that, it opens up the space and allows for the comfortable flow of foot traffic flow, making the whole apartment feel less claustrophobic. Also note the two mirrors, which are or course, must-haves to making a small space feel bigger.

MOHV Mäklare
Photo via MOHV Mäklare

Although the bed is tucked into a nook against the wall of the living room, it could easily be sectioned off with a breezy white curtain like the ones on the windows or with a bookshelf. As an extra benefit, the nook provides a place for shelves to give you some extra storage space without cluttering up the central area of the room.

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