How to Style a Black and White Bedroom that Isn’t Boring

Monochrome designs are a timeless staple of Scandinavian interiors stuff of , timeless and modern but Gentle on the eye and soothing, they’re perfect for creating a bedroom that invites you to unwind. hey’re also easy on your budget because they’ll look up-to-date indefinitely and changing the is as simple as adding an accent color

if done wrong, they can come off a little, well, drab.

Dramatic lines and
give you more freedom to play with pattern and texture than a more colorful room would

Embrace the Greys

Stark contrast between black and white can look jaunty and playful in kid’s room, but it’s often too harsh for.
Liberal use a grey softens the and lends it a sense of tranquility and air of sophistication.

Grey and pink soften a monochrome Scandinavian bedroom.
The grey bedding used in this black and white bedroom keeps it from looking to stark.

grey accent wall, shag rug

Play with Patterns

Without much color to get in the way, .. All solids will make a black and white room look lifeless. Geometrics, stripes, polka dots, check, plaid, gingham, marble, animal prints, and even paisleys and florals?

When you choose patterns, look for a balance between large-scale patterns and smaller scale prints. Choose one dominant bold pattern print that you can use on art and window treatments, then select smaller scale patterns for accent pillows, and textiles throughout your interiors. Stick with just one large and one small pattern, and one to three medium pattern.

Stick to choosing one or two decorative items that have a large impact print and then tone down the other furnishings with a tighter and smaller dynamic print. Bedding, accent pillows, window treatments and lampshades can all borrow varying scale versions of these wonderful prints. Avoid repeating the same pattern in more than two places or you’ll end up with a matchy-matchy look.

Pay attention how the pattern will make the room feel, too. Vertical patterns give an impression of more height, while horizontal ones the length of the space. Going overboard with large patterns, especially on the walls, will make the room feel smaller. Using large-scale patterns on large areas or expanses of wall and smaller patterns on smaller walls.

Slip covers are a quick and cheap way to add patterns to furniture without having to re-upholster or buy new furniture.

There are lot of places to add pattern without overwhelming your design:

  • Bedding and pillows
  • Curtains
  • Area rugs
  • Lampshades
  • Wallpaper on an accent wall

Get Touchy-Feely

Texture is what raises a black and white interior to magazine levels. When a monochromatic or analogous color scheme, make sure you choose items that heavily contrast. When they come together, they will bring a sense of harmony to the space. Use texture and pattern to create areas of interest to guide the eye to particular focal points.

A spacious black and white bedroom that makes good use of texture.
The richly texture walls mean there was little need to add more beyond the rug and ottoman.
Textured pendant light, rug and pillows in grey bedroom.
Well-placed texture adds visual interest and coziness to this soothing grey bedroom.
    Upholstered headboard
    Carpet or area rugs
    Mixed-fabric comforter
    Wooly throw pillows or blankets
    Carved wood
    Rough wood (with the bark and knots)
    Sheep and reindeer skins (faux or otherwise)
    Shag or rag rugs
    Potted plants
    Wool blankets
    Throw pillow


Architectural Elements: If you’re lucky enough to have crown molding, chair rails, or tray ceilings in your home, make them a focal point.

Décor Items: Shadow boxes, picture ledges,

Trendy shelves mounted with leather or felt straps.
If it’s to stark for you, bring in natural wood accessories and potted plants are two of the most effective ways to give a monochrome interior a softer, more natural look. Tan leather also works well. A wood shelf hung with leather or felt straps.

Metals such as brass and copper. urban chic. For a little glitz, gold picture frames and fancy chandelier will do the trick.

Monochrome Scandinavian Art

A charcoal grey accent wall, but it can darken a room a little too much. There’s a simple solution, though: wall wall with lots of white space.
(the unwise man print)
Monochrome art.

  • Typographic prints
  • Minimalist line drawings
  • Abstract designs
  • Streemaps
  • Landscape and street photography

Given the often somber Scandinavian weather, you can also find nature- and city-themed photographic prints with a subdued color palettes that fit in perfect with a black and white bedroom.

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