How to Use Plants to Liven up Your Scandinavian Decor

Wooden plant stand

The calendar claims it’s March and there are tulips in the shops already, but spring isn’t cooperating just yet — it was -35C in southern Norway yesterday.

But in honor of the more green-friendly weather that’s presumably on it’s way, now seems like a good time to think about getting creative with indoor greenery.

potted daffodils for sale
Flowers on sale in western Sweden last year, when spring came on time.

Potted plants are a frequent sight in Scandinavian decor schemes in no small part because of the cold northern climate.

Beyond that, they add a splash of earthy color to typically light, neutral interiors while strengthening their calming, in-touch-with-nature vibe.

There’s more you can do with plants than stick them in a pot and arrange them on the window sill, though. The right potted plants are a decor feature in and of themselves.

(By the way, if you’re wondering what plants to choose, check out my list of plants for Scandinavian interiors…that don’t require a greenhouse and degree in horticulture to keep alive.)

Two large plants
One large, medium and small potted plant bring some color to this pale grey and white living room.

In this small living room, the potted tree is one of the main focal points. Plants are the perfect statement pieces for small spaces because even in larger sizes, they still feel light and airy, and create a sense of openness in the room.

Three house plants on a stool.
An easy way to group your plants and keep them off the floor.

A grouping of plants and the right minimalist Scandinavian poster can transform a dull, barren corner into a spot that cheers you up every time you look at it.

Notice how the pots are the same color and similar designs, but different heights to keep things cohesive but still visually interesting.

Trailing plant in a bedroom
The trailing vine gives this modern bedroom a down-to-earth touch.

This bedroom is a beautiful example of how well modern and rustic esthetics can blend. It has almost a fairy tale ambiance to it.

The monochrome color palette gives the room an urban polish, but weathered chest of drawers and the free-spirited forms soften things up with a little countryside informality. The rumpled white canopy over the bed bridges the gap.

Wooden plant stand
A wooden plant stand lets you fit all your favorites in a small space.

Not excited about the idea of mounting hanging plants around your doors? Then take the practical approach with a plant stand.

A stand will keep all your plants in one place where they’re easy to water and trim. It’s also an easy way to turn your collection of small plants and decor items into a stylsh focal point.

As this plant stand shows, mixing it up with other decor will more balanced, well-rounded look. Also notice how the designer stuck to a cohesive color palette – green, white, and copper tones – so the display looks thoughtfully curated rather than jumbled. That works well for a minimalist interior.

If boho decor is more your style, though, jumbled and colorful plant stand will right in.

Trailing plants on a wall.
Plants can add to your wall decor or replace it completely.

Hanging and wall-mounted plants add vertical interest and make it easier to keep more plants in a small space. Keeping your plants higher up also brings their beauty and scent closer to your eyes and nose. Deep green plants look especially striking against the pure white walls typically used in Scandinavian interiors.

Use small plants as 3D elements in your gallery wall or mount larger ones in an artful arrangement like the one here.

A white bathroom full of plants.
The bathroom of a true plant lover.

While you might not want this level of jungle madness in your bathroom, it does give you a good idea of just how many places a house plant can fit. Remember this the next time you think you “don’t have room” for houseplants.

Do you have any potted plants at home (air plants count! šŸ˜‰ ) How to do you like to show them off?

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