How will I receive the files?

After you complete your order, you’ll be taken automatically to a checkout page that shows the details of your transaction and also contains a download link for your file(s). In addition, you’ll receive an email with your purchase details and download links. If you have trouble downloading the files you bought, let me know so I can get them to you. I’ll reply as soon as I can, but please keep in mind that I’m located in +2 GMT, so that will affect when I see your message.

What type of file will I receive?

You’ll be able to download a zip file that contains JPG files of the image you’ve purchased. These are high-resolution files designed to print at 300 DPI at sizes of 18×24 inches or A2 and below, and to provide great print quality at sizes of up to 30×40 inches or A1. You’ll also receive instructions on how to print. At this time, I don’t offer vector or PSD files. If you need a non-editable PDF, though, let me know.

How can I print the files?

You can print on your home printer, at a local print shop or order a print from an online service. With your order, you’ll receive detailed instructions about how to print at home or choose a printing service.

Do you accept returns?

Due to the non-physical nature of the product, once you download the file, it’s not possible to cancel, return or request a refund for any reason. If you have any problems, though, sent me a message and I’ll try to get things sorted out for you. If you’ve ordered by accident and have not yet downloaded the file, let me know and I’ll issue a refund.

Can I send copies of the files to friends?

I’m flattered you want to share, but the files are licensed for personal use only. You’re welcome to print a copy as a gift, but don’t send the file. If you enjoy the image, send your friends on over to support the shop so I can keep making more art for you to enjoy.

Can I display the prints in my place of business?

Please do! You’re welcome to hang them in your restaurant, hotel, hair salon or anywhere else. You can also include the prints as part of a service, such as an interior design service, that includes multiple decor items (wall art, throw pillows, flower vases, etc.) from a variety of makers. Selling the files or prints as-is or in altered form, however, is prohibited by copyright.

Will the colors of the prints be exactly the same as in the pictures in the shop?

I’ve done my best to ensure the colors you see in the shop here are what you’ll get when you print. That said, in most cases there are slight variations between printed colors and computer screen colors. A lot of factors come into play that I can’t control, including the color calibration of your computer screen, and the type and quality of your printer.

Will the prints attract mosquitoes or bears?

Unlike much of northern nature, printable wall art has the advantage of not attracting mosquitoes. It might, however, attract bear, fox, and reindeer, all of which tend to be curious about everything. This is most likely to happen if you hang your print in the middle of the forest and leave it for six hours or longer. No guarantees, though.

How can I contact you?

I’m always happy to hear from a visitor! You can get in touch through the form here or you can send an email directly to mari{remove} . Please keep in mind that I’m located in the +2 GMT (Eastern European Time) time zone, so that will affect when I read your message.

Can I feature your printable wall art on my website or blog?

Oh, heck yes! Feel free to feature the printable wall art here on your website, blog or social media account and include links to the shop or the Snow On The Oaks blog. Remember, though, don’t share the actual file. You can tag me with @snowontheoaks and #snowontheoaks. I’m also up for interviews!