Summer Bird

The chicks have left the nest and Bird takes off for new adventures under the summer sun. The red, yellow and orange mid-century modern style flowers make this ideal art for any room with a warm color palette or where you want retro Scandinavian vibe. Part of the Seasonal Birds series that includes Spring Bird, Autumn Bird, and Winter Bird.

This printable Scandinavian wall art can be printed in sizes as large as A1 or 24 x 36 inches.


Six high-resolution JPG files for printing in the following sizes:

5″ x 7″
11″ x 14″
2:3 ratio | 4x6in, 8x12in, 16x24in; 20x30in; 24x36in; 60x90cm
3:4 ratio | 6x8in, 9x12in, 12x16in, 18x24in; 30x40in;
4:5 ratio | 4x5in, 8x10in, 16x20in; 24x30in; 40x50cm
International paper sizes (iso) | A6, A5, A4, A3, A2 and A1

A detailed printing instruction sheet.

Please note that this is an instant download only. No physical print or frame will be shipped to you.

($5.95 USD)


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